Accustream A-6015 Waterjet Intensifier Pumps

Accustream A-6015 Waterjet Cutting Intensifier Pump
Reliability does not have to be the victim of affordability. Case in point, the A-6015 intensifier pump. The A-6015 has been designed with all the functionality of our larger pumps but in an economical package.

  • Classic pump design
  • Available in 15 & 30 hp models
  • 60,000 psi
  • Recommended for pure water and micro abrasive waterjet cutting applications requiring 60,000 psi.

    Pump Highlights:

  • Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT)
  • 15 hp TEFC Motor
  • 1 liter attenuator
  • Supports orifices up to 0.007 in (0.18 mm)
  • Remote control connectivity

    Ideally Suited For:

  • Micro Abrasive Cutting
  • Multiple Head Pure Water Cutting, requiring 60,000 psi

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  • Advanced Intensifier Technology
    The A-Series utilizes the same intensifier found in our fully featured AS Series Pumps. The diagram on the right illustrates the series of enhancements which make up AccuStream's Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT). These combined improvements deliver unparalleled reliability, rapid component replacement, and unsurpassed system performance.

    Side Mounted Control Panel
    A familiar and intuitive control panel for all essential functions is located on the side of all A-series internsifier pumps.

    Front Mounted Guages
    Located where they are most needed and useful, the A-Series features easy to read front mounted guages for instant pressure readings.

    The A-6030 boasts the industry's most reliable and cost efcient waterjet pump available today. With longer run times, slower stroke rates, available air over oil cooling system, and cost effective replacement parts, the A-6030 is the choice for those conscious of the bottom line.

    Our large volume attenuator, optimal stroke utilization and advanced hydraulic circuitry create smooth ultra-high pressure water to the cutting head for superior edge quality.

    AccuStream brings decades of experience, rigorous research, and ongoing product development to everything we do. The combination of intelligent design and quality manufacturing add up to a pump that delivers maximum longevity and reliability.