Accustream AS-6075 Waterjet Intensifier Pumps

Accustream AS-6075 Waterjet Cutting Intensifier Pump
Designed with performance and reliability in mind, the AS-6075 is the largest single intensifier in its class. With unmatched durability the AS-6075 is a great addition to any shop focused on performance.

Pump Highlights:

  • Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT)
  • 75 hp TEFC Motor
  • 2 liter attenuator
  • Supports orifices up to 0.018 in (0.46 mm)
  • Remote control connectivity

    Ideally Suited For:

  • A broad range of abrasive cutting applications
  • Multiple Head Pure Water Cutting, requiring 60,000 psi

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  • Advanced Intensifier Technology
    AIT is AccuStream's exclusive technology and an integral part of the A and AS series of pumps. Our unparalleled user-oriented innovations deliver industry leading maintenance intervals and rapid component replacement.

    Advanced Intensifier Monitoring
    AIM is a patent pending real-time visualization tool for viewing the overall health of your internsifier.

    Maintenance Log Pro
    Quick touch maintenance logging. Ethernet and web based interface delivers access to system and maintanence performance from any computer or mobile device.

    More Intuitive Than Ever
    East to understand icon based graphics to guide the operator through the steps necessary to operate and maintain the pump.

    The Accustream touch screen control center provides easy - to - understand graphics that guide the operator through the necessary steps to operate and maintain any of the AS Series pumps. Every aspect of the AS-6075 has been designed with convenience and accessibility in mind.

    Our large volume attenuator, optimal stroke utilization and advanced hydraulic circuitry create smooth ultra-high pressure water to the cutting head for superior edge quality. Pressure compensated hydraulic pumps and exclusive electronic shift technology have set the standard for performance and reliability.

    AccuStream boasts the industries most reliable and cost efcient water jet pump available today. With unsurpassed cutting speeds, increased component life, and cost effective replacement parts, the AS-6075 is the perfect choice for those conscious of the bottom line.

    AccuStream brings decades of experience, rigorous research, and ongoing product development to everything we do. The combination of intelligent design and quality manufacturing add up to a pump that delivers maximum longevity and reliability.