Synth. hydrocarbon with satellite electrodes

I. Physical Data

Viscosity at 20C: 3.7 cST
Boiling point 464 F
Pour point: -15 C
Vapor pressure (mm of Hg): >1
Vapor density: 6.0
Specific gravity: 0.793
Percent volatile (Volume): non-volatile
Evaporation rate: (acetate~ I): <0. I
Odor (odorless): <0.0 0% aromatics

II. Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

Flash point; COC (F): 243 F
Flammable Limits: 1.0%vol/ 6.0%vol
Extinguishing media: foam dry chemical or carbon dioxide
Special fire fighting procedures: Shut off fuel to fire. Cool exposed containers with water spray.  A self-contained breathing apparatus is recommended for large outdoors and any indoor fire.
Unusual fire & explosion hazards: none

III. Special Protection Information

Respiratory: none
Ventilation: for erosion vapors
Eye protection: safety glasses with side shields
Ingestion: Do Not induce vomiting! Administer 250mI (1/2 pint) milk or 50ml olive oil to retard gastric absorption.
Eyes: Flush with warm water
Skin irritants: Avoid prolonged contact, wash with soap and water
Hands:  wash hands after contact as with any dielectric

IV. Health Hazard Data

AOGIH Threshold limit value(TLV):  none
NIP Carcinogen content:  none
Negative conclusions regarding carcinogenicity none
Effects of overexposure: excessive inhalation may cause dizziness
Emergency first aid procedures: inhalation: remove to fresh air
Pigments: none
Catalysts: none
Vehicles:  none
Solvents:  none
or heavy metal: none
Formaldehyde, chlorine, halogenes PCT, PCB or TCDD none
Hazardous Material Content none

V. Reactivity Data

Stability: stable
Conditions to Avoid: open flame
Incompatibility: strong oxidants
Hazardous decomposition: none
Thermal decomposition: CO, C02 +H20 (>200C)

VI. Spill & Disposal Data

Spill procedures: oil absorbent material
Waste disposal: according to law: dump in approved areas, or by incineration as with
other dielectric fluids or by contract

VII. Special Precautions

Handling & storage: keep from open flame
Other precautions: **Avoid prolonged contact with skin

January 1, 2005