lonoPlus 3000® Dielectric Fluid

oelheld Cooling Lubricant Concentrates

The Power lies in the right mixture When using oelheld cooling lubricants the mixture is always right

The "water solutions" by oelheld are polynary mixtures characterized by their intelligently matched ingredients.

Whether they contain components classified according to TRGS 611 (technical rules for dangerous substances) or whether they are completely free of amines, they are ideal cooling lubricants for your special requirements in the metal processing industry.

Water soluble concentrates by oelheld can be used in almost all types of metal processing. Be it cutting procedures such as turning, drilling, milling, grinding etc. or a forming process without chip formation, we will have the right mixture for every task.

The great variety of work materials involved requires that the ideal cooling lubricant is chosen. In this field, oelheld has mastered the most highly developed production techniques to compose, out of the different ingredients, the most suitable product for the relevant type of processing.

Last but not least: a careful choice of high quality ingredients guarantees the highest possible compatibility for man and machine.