Waterjet Garnet

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Why Prime-Tech Garnet?
Waterjet cutting equipment is a significant investment. With Prime-Tech Garnet you can be confident you are maximizing production and safeguarding your investment. Prime-Tech sources waterjet abrasives from the world's best mines, ensuring the highest purity garnet and highly accurate sizing of grains.

Optimum Efficiency
Prime-Tech's abrasives are free of dust and ineffective grains, which can restrict flow. The result is a steady flow of abrasive to the cutting head with no blockages interrupting production, maximizing efficiency and minimizing operational cost!

We stock and distribute a wide selection of waterjet abrasives to cover the broad array of modern cutting applications. Contact a Prime-Tech sales representative to discuss which abrasive is right for your application.

Fast Delivery
Our abrasive stock levels are kept high to ensure on-time delivery. Next day shipments of abrasive are routinely accommodated.