oelheld Dielectrics for Spark Erosion

The Right Media for Spark Erosion:

Dielectric IME 63: Dielectric IME 63 is extremly thin-bodied and has a particularly low surface tension. It is especially suitable for very fine work, where the least possible overcut is required.

Dielectric IME 82: Dielectric IME 82 combines high metal removal with low elctrode wear, which makes it particularly suitable for general use in manufacturing tools and moulds. Even rough cut operations using and electric current of up to 1000 amps can be carried out with this dielectric.

Dielectric IME 110: Dielectric IME 110 is always used when a flash point of over 100C is required for safety reasons, while simultaneously much finishing work still has to be done.

Dielectric IME 126: Dielectric IME 126 is characterised by very high metal removal and is particularly suited for rough cut operations, such as the manufacture of forging dies. For finishing it can only be used if the best possible flushing conditions are ensured.

IonoVit Dielectric: The dielectrics of the IonoVit series are special media suitable for use in spark erosion fast hole drilling machines. They are non-combustible, free of mineral oils and they contain neither chlorine- or heavy metal compounds nor formaldehyde.

IonoGrind multifunktion fluid:

Grinding and rotation erosion with one and the same machine. This saves time and money. oelheld has developed the right fluid for the job: IonoGrind. IonoGrind is a multifunctional fluid that is equally suitable for spark erosion and as a grinding oil. It has been designed for use in combination machines (two-in-one-systems) and unites the advantages of a high performance dielectric for a high rate of metal removal and good surface quality with a high-speed grinding oil that produces very little foam and vaporisation

IonoGrind is the right medium for eroding and grinding polycrystalline diamonds, HSS and hard metals since its special composition means that cobalt leaching is minimised.

  • extremly high degree of abrasion
  • highest surface quality
  • minimum degree of electrode wear
  • cobalt leaching minimised
  • high degree of efficiency for grinding
  • polychrystalline diamonds

    IonoPlus Dielectric IME-MH:

    After long years of research oelheld introduces an entirely new, powerful concept into dielectrics: IonoPlus IME-MH. Unlike conventional mineral oil products, this combination of highly refined synthetic products is enriched with satellite electrodes in a special blending process. As a truly universal dielectric, IonoPlus IME-MH is suited for all operations from the finest finishing processes to the most effective rough cut. Besides having the best possible effectiveness in flushing and the greatest possible disruptive strength, it offers a whole series of unique advantages.

    Improved surface quality
    Satellite electrodes bring about an optimal distribution of discharge.

    Best possible dispersing capacity
    Swift dispersion of waste particles helps actively to prevent burn spots from forming

    Extremly high degree of abrasion

    Greater resistance to electrode wear
    Macromolecules surround the electrode like a protective grid.

    Shining results in the polishing process
    Within a minimum amount of time a surface roughness ofless than 0,1 can be achieved.

    Minimum degree of electrode wear

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