Accustream Regulator II
Abrasive Waterjet Regulator

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Maximize Cutting Performance
A very important factor for cutting edge quality is the accuracy and stability of the abrasive flow rate. The AccuStream Regulator II is designed to ensure peak cutting performance. The regulators II's compact abrasive metering system delivers the precise amount of abrasive needed to the cutting head at maximum speed. The system is positioned close to the waterjet cutting head which decreases the distance the abrasive travels and guarantees a smooth cut, while curtailing the abrasive that is wasted on inefficient cutting.


Compact Design
The lightweight and compact design allows the unit to be positioned close to the waterjet cutting head.

Exclusive Adjustment
The adjustment dial offers a broad range of settings to ensure the precise amount of abrasive is being delivered.

Rapid Response
The metering system provides rapid response to ensure abrasive is delivered at the right moment, guaranteeing a consistent, smooth cut.

Water Resistant
Innovative new design keeps abrasive dry, improving uptime.

Monitoring Performance
Clear tube allows easy monitoring of waterjet cutting performance. Abrasive flow chart provides easy guidelines for operators.

No Tools Required
Easy to use thumb nuts make service much more convenient.

Built in Back Flow Diverter
Back flow diverter makes it simple and faster to remove plugs in the abrasive feed line.