Waterjet Abrasive Handling Equipment

Abrasive Waterjet Regulator Abrasive Waterjet Pots ROS Reverse Osmosis System Plasic Waterjet Cutting Bricks

Waterjet Abrasive Handling Equipment from ROS and Accustream

  • The AS-ROS Commercial Reverse Osmosis System features a compact free standing design, excellent pre-filtration and high quality components.

  • Accustream Waterjet Cutting Bricks are specially designed to assist in the cutting of difficult parts.

  • AccuStream Abrasive Pots are a cost effective solution for adding waterjet cutting capacity and replacing existing waterjet cutting machines.

  • A very important factor for cutting edge quality is the accuracy and stability of the abrasive flow rate. The AccuStream Regulator II is designed to ensure peak cutting performance.