Accustream AS-ROS Reverse Osmosis System

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The AS-ROS commercial reverse osmosis system features a compact free standing design, excellent pre-filtration and high quality components. Able support 2000 GPD, the AS-ROS 2000 offers high performance, high recovery rates and low energy consumption, allowing you to experience greater savings with lower maintenance and operation costs.

Eliminated Contamination
Installing an AS-ROS reverse osmosis system greatly increases the quality of your cutting water by eliminating any contamination present in your incoming water supply.

Extend Component Life
Particles in the water, under high pressure, act like an abrasive and cause premature wear on everything the water touches. Removing these particles or contamination extends component life exponentially.

Reduce Downtime
Eliminating contamination for your water greatly reduces the chance of harmful particles damaging your orifice and causing costly downtime.

How The System Works
Reverse Osmosis works by forcing the incoming softened water through a semi-permeable membrane to remove dissolved solids and hard ions. The resulting water is sent directly to the waterjet pump.

Waterjet Specific Design
Designed specically for the waterjet industry to produce high quality RO water at a rate that supports waterjet pumps up to 75 hp.

Plug & Play
The RO System includes all the necessary parts and connections to seamlessly connect your softened water to your waterjet pump.

On-Demand RO
The onboard boost pump and accumulator, combined with the atmospheric tank, provide a readily available source of pressurized RO water directly to your system.

Maximized Water Consumption
The RO unit is designed with oversized water lters and cold water membranes that efciently and effectively process the incoming water while producing the a 63% recovery rate. This means less water is going down the drain and more pure RO water is being sent directly to the cutting head.

Blending Options
The RO system is equipped with a digital TDS meter for instant TDS readings. With this you are able to visually see the quality of the water being produced and the blending valve allows you to instantly adjust the water any specic setting.